§ 391.27 Record of violations.

§ 391.27 Record of violations.

    (a) Except as provided in Subpart G of this part, each motor carrier shall, at least once every 12 months, require each driver it employs to prepare and furnish it with a list of all violations of motor vehicle traffic laws and ordinances (other than violations involving only parking) of which the driver has been convicted or on account of which he/she has forfeited bond or collateral during the preceding 12 months.

    (b) Each driver shall furnish the list required in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section. If the driver has not been convicted of, or forfeited bond or collateral on account of, any violation which must be listed, he/she shall so certify.

    (c) The form of the driver's list or certification shall be prescribed by the motor carrier. The following form may be used to comply with this section: Driver's Certification I certify that the following is a true and complete list of traffic violations (other than parking violations) for which I have been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral during the past 12 months.

    Date of conviction Offense

    Location Type of motor vehicle operated

    If no violations are listed above, I certify that I have not been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral on account of any violation required to be listed during the past 12 months.

    (Date of certification) (Driver's signature)

    (Motor carrier's name)

    (Motor carrier's address)

    (Reviewed by: Signature) (Title)

    (d) The motor carrier shall retain the list or certificate required by this section, or a copy of it, in its files as part of the driver's qualification file.

    (e) Drivers who have provided information required by § 383.31 of this subchapter need not repeat that information in the annual list of violations required by this section.