Punitive Damages Lawyer - Exemplary Damage Awards Attorney

When are Punitive Damages recoverable?

Punitive Damages Lawyers can help you recover when someone has intentionally hurt you or after a car accident with a drunk driver.

Punitive Damages are a legal tool created to prevent people and companies from doing bad things. They act as a penalty and a deterrent. In some situations, an injured party is entitled to receive punitive damages from a party who has injured them. In punitive damages can be awarded in cases where the defendant is found guilty of oppression, fraud, or malice. This often occurs where the injury was caused intentionally or when the defendant knew that his or her actions were likely to cause injury. Each state has different laws concerning punitive damages. Some states call these damages exemplary damages. Some states cap punitive damages at a certain number. Others do not allow the award of punitive damages at all.

Punitive damages are often allowed in cases of intentional injury. Certain states allow punitive damages against insurers who wrongfully refuse to pay. Many states allow punitive damages awards in drunk driving accident cases, although some also require that the driver is a commercial driver.

It should be kept in mind that in almost every state, punitive damages are rarely awarded. Some states take a portion of the punitive damages and put them into special funds. Punitive damages are generally not a good way to get rich quickly. Only your lawyer can tell you what damages are allowed in your case.