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Most dogs in never hurt anyone. Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer if a dog has attacked you!

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Every year, thousands of Americans are attacked by dogs. While there are no reliable statistics for dog bites in it can be assumed that with the large number of stray dogs and fighting dogs in the city, bites occur fairly often. We cannot simply blame the dogs for these alarming attacks. Many animals are trained as guard dogs, attack dogs, or even fighting dogs, despite the fact that it is illegal to train dogs to fight. These dogs are victimized every bit as much as the victims of their attacks, and they too are often severely injured or even killed in dog fighting rings as they fight for their lives. It is no surprise that many of these animals are ingrained with vicious behaviors and ultimately end up harming humans. Negligent and abusive dog owners should be held liable for their actions and lawsuits for dog bites and attacks not only compensate the injury victim, but also send a powerful message to deter dog owners from fighting their dogs or training them to be vicious or aggressive. Dog fighting is a rampant problem. Many people view dog-fighting as a sport or entertainment, but it is cruel and it is a crime. It also leads to aggressive dogs and poor breeding methods.

Of course, sometimes dogs that have never been trained to be aggressive or to fight will bite and injure victims, without any provocation whatsoever. Their owners should also be held liable in many cases, especially when they had knowledge of the dog's tendency to bite or when some negligence on their part attributed to the dog bite. What it boils down to is that if you or a loved one have been bitten, attacked, maimed, or killed by a dog, you should be entitled to some degree of compensation from the dog's owner or handler. Contact one of the experienced dog bite lawyers above for a consultation regarding your claim.

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Dog bite laws:

Laws concerning dangerous dogs and dog bites vary by state. In some states, the owner is liable for any attack by a dog. Exclusions sometimes apply for trespassers or in other situations. In many other states, however, an owner will not be held liable unless he or she has reason to know that the dog was likely to attack. Often known as the one-bite rule or the free-bite rule, this type of law creates a system which classifies dogs as dangerous dogs after they have previously attacked someone. In most cases, an owner will be responsible for any damages for a dog that has already been deemed dangerous. Many states often have special laws designating the protections that must be put into place to keep dangerous dogs from injuring humans.

In addition to state laws, many counties and cities have their own ordinances about dogs. These laws range from licensing animals to rules about shooting dogs that attack livestock. Many cities also have leash laws. Violations of these laws can lead to another type of legal liability called negligence per se. This means that if you are harmed because someone broke a law meant to protect you, you may be able to sue them.

Only a local dog bite attorney will be able to tell you how state, county, and city dog bite ordinances will apply to your case.