§ 5/18c-1102 Legislative Intent

5/18c-1102. Legislative Intent

    § 18c-1102. Legislative Intent. The General Assembly finds that:

    (a) a comprehensive recodification of existing transportation regulatory statutes is needed to delete obsolete provisions and facilitate a coordinated approach to regulation of motor carriers, rail carriers, and brokers;

    (b) the accelerating pace of change in the transportation industry, as an outgrowth of changing economic conditions and federal legislation, necessitates the streamlining of regulatory procedures to allow for prompt action to protect the interests of the people of the State of Illinois; and

    (c) an increasing incidence of unlawful activity by unlicensed carriers and others has rendered existing enforcement mechanisms inadequate.

Where the language of any provision in this Chapter is substantially similar to the language in the predecessor statute, the legislative intent expressed in this Chapter shall be the same as the legislative intent embodied in the predecessor statute as construed by the courts of this State and, where appropriate, reports of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Laws Commission.