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Have you been suffering from an injury caused by the negligence of another party?Carrollton personal injury lawyers can help. Personal injury attorneys make a living by going after those parties who are actually responsible for causing injuries to others. Why should you be left with shouldering someone else’s negligence? Contact an experienced Carrollton personal injury law firm now by filling in the questionnaire on this site.Carrollton personal injury attorneys who are affordable can be reached.

Carrollton Injury Law Firms Protect Victims Like You

The impact of a serious accident is always severe. They can keep you up at night, leaving you to wonder how you will pay for things like medical expenses, property damage, or whether you will be able to return to work, etc. Carrollton accident attorneys stand up for individuals just like you. They make sure that those who are responsible for causing the accident pay for it. It is an injustice to make an accident victim pay for the negligence of another person. Carrollton accident lawyers make sure that this injustice does not happen. In the event that you have already been short changed by an insurance company, your Carrollton lawyer may be able to protect you under the Texas insurance bad faith laws.

Want to know more about a particular type of Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer?

Carrollton personal injury lawyers take on a number of different types of cases – not all of those cases are referred to as personal injury cases. If you are looking for any specific type of injury case or injury lawyer, please follow the appropriate link below:

  1. Carrollton Product Liability Lawyers
  2. Carrollton Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  3. Carrollton Maritime Lawyers
  4. Carrollton Car Accident Lawyers
  5. Carrollton Truck Accident Lawyers
  6. Carrollton Premises Liability Lawyers
  7. Carrollton Wrongful Death Lawyers
  8. Carrollton Government Liability Lawyers
  9. Carrollton Dog Bite Lawyers
  10. Carrollton Workplace Injury Lawyer

Where do you start if you have been injured?

  1. First things first, make sure you get the medical care you need. Your health is number one.
  2. Second, although you may not feel like it right away, it is recommended that you meet with an experienced Carrollton personal injury law firm to protect your rights. Sometimes, injury victims wait too long – allowing their claims to expire (aka the statute of limitations). Some people wait so long that (1) valuable evidence spoils or diminishes in value, or (2) important witness’ testimony becomes lost or gets “hazy”.
  3. And lastly, keep all records of medical reports, medical bills, and contact information of witnesses. This information can greatly help your case.

In the event you were involved in an auto accident in Dallas County and you need your accident report, the following is a list of helpful numbers:

  1. Carrollton Police Department, 2025 E. Jackson Road, Carrollton, Texas 75006 - (972) 466-3290
  2. Dallas County Sheriff's Department, Frank Crowley Courts Building, 133 N Riverfront Boulevard, LB 31. 1st Floor, Dallas, Texas 75207 - (214) 653-3450
  3. Texas Department of Public Safety, 350 West IH-30, Garland, Texas 75043 - (214) 861-2000

How does My Carrollton Injury Lawyer Protect Me?

In every case, your Carrollton personal injury lawyer will have to prove either that the other party was legally at fault or negligent. What type of fault is used in Texas? In Texas, the courts apply a hybrid of comparative fault and contributory fault: where the plaintiff is barred from any recovery if he is responsible (negligent) for causing more than 50% of the fault – which is a hybrid of comparative fault negligence barring recovery for plaintiffs who are more than 50% at fault. To learn more, contact an experienced Carrollton injury attorney today.

Personal Injuries, Most Common Types Among Victims

Trial lawyers in Carrollton who represent injury victims

Some of the most common types of injuries that local Carrollton Personal Injury Law Firms see are: Spinal Injury, Burn Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Amputation, Wrongful Death, Shoulder Injury, Whiplash, Knee Injury, Herniated Disc, Depression, Chemical Burns, Leg Injury, Open Head Injury, Paralysis, Loss of Eyesight, Neck Injury, Lung Cancer, Skull Fracture, and closed head injury, just to name a few.

Common Accidents

Generally,Carrollton Injury Law Firms cover injuries like:

  1. Carrollton premises liability cases
  2. Carrollton slip and fall cases
  3. Carrollton Wrongful death cases
  4. Explosions in Carrollton
  5. Carrollton maritime accidents
  6. Negligence cases in Carrollton
  7. Carrollton car accidents
  8. Carrollton dog bites & Carrollton dog mauling injuries
  9. Carrollton product liability lawsuits
  10. Government liability cases
  11. Carrollton truck accident injuries - involving Texas trucking regulations and federal truck safety standards
  12. Carrollton on the job injury accidents
  13. Carrollton dangerous drug recall lawsuits
  14. Carrollton medical malpractice lawsuits

Liability: Types of Damages that May be Available

You may be entitled to a number of different damages depending on the facts of your case. The following is a list of different types of damages across the country.

Compensatory Damages

Loss of Earnings

Property Damage

Consequential Damages
Punitive Damages

Exemplary Damages

Lost Profits

Back Pay
Pain & Suffering

Mental Anguish

Emotional Distress

Injury To Credit

What do qualified Carrollton Injury Lawyers charge?

Fortunately for injury victims, Carrollton injury attorneys are generally very affordable even for individuals and families who do not have any money. The reason: most Carrollton injury lawyers only get paid if they win your case. In such a case, your Carrollton trial lawyer would take a percentage of your winnings. This type of fee agreement is called a “contingency fee”, because their fee is contingent on winning your case. To know if a local Carrollton personal injury attorney will take your case for a contingency fee, you will need to discuss the facts of your case with an attorney. All initial consultations obtained through this website are absolutely free.

Are there any other costs associated with legal representation?

In most cases, legal costs and expenses are treated very differently than attorney fees. Attorney fees are those fees the attorney charges for his or her services. On the other hand, costs and expenses are those fees which are outside the attorney’s basic fee: expert witness fees, court filing costs, court reporter fees, etc. Depending on your state’s rules governing lawyer conduct, you may or may not be responsible for paying costs even if you lose your case. Be sure to ask your attorney how costs are allocated whether you win or lose. That way, you will be ahead of the game and on the right foot from the beginning.

Automobile Accidents

There are auto accident attorneys in Carrollton who can review your case. Carrollton Auto Accident Attorneys

When innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are involved in a car accident due to no fault of their own, it is critical that they immediately contact a Carrollton car accident lawyer to protect their rights. Too often, the negligent party and the insurance companies refuse to pay for the damage they have caused. Carrollton vehicle accident law firms can act as a buffer between you and those parties who do not have your best interests in mind. If you have been injured in a serious car accident due to the fault of a negligent party – you deserve financial compensation for your injuries.

Seeking financial recovery on your behalf may require your Carrollton auto injury lawyer to file your case in state or federal court. There, your attorney will have to prove that you have suffered injury due to the negligence of the other party, in addition to proving the extent of your injuries. You Carrollton attorney will also need to decide what the appropriate venue will be. If your case is in Texas state court, your Carrollton accident lawyer will work with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence; and if in Federal court, that means your Carrollton car injury lawyer will work with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence. Serious injuries resulting from a car wreck can change the course of your life. Head injuries like a hematoma, or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can affect an individual’s motor skills and memory. Other injuries, such as: broken bones, whiplash, paralysis, and severe burns affect mobility and one’s ability to work and lifestyle.

Whether you are successful in bringing your car accident case will likely hinge on your Carrollton car wreck attorney’s ability to pinpoint the cause of the automobile accident. Experienced Carrollton car wreck lawyers know how to handle the different types of car accidents: collisions, side swipes, head-on collisions, roll-overs, rear ending another car, defective auto design, faulty brakes, etc. In the event that you were involved in a car crash with a drunk driver, your Carrollton auto wreck lawyer will also take that into account to bolster your case.

Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers in Carrollton

The state of Texas does not take drunk driving lightly. A violation of the Texas State drunk driving laws – leading to an accident - can dramatically alter the course of any automobile accident case. In the event that the drunk driver causes the wrongful death of another, the drunk driver can be liable for punitive damages in Texas. These drivers also potentially face criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter. Vehicle accident cases require immediate attention – as close to the time of the accident is most preferable. Obtaining reliable witnesses and the most accurate evidence often hinges on the start date of your Carrollton car accident lawyer’s investigation into the facts of your case.

Carrollton Motorcycle Accidents: Carrollton Motorcycle Accident Law Firms

The potential damage inflicted when a vehicle hits a motorcycle can often be fatal. Fatal car accidents with motorcyclists are on the rise. Too often, drivers fail to recognize that motorcyclists are entitled to be on the roads in the same way that any other vehicle is on our local Carrollton streets, Carrollton state highways, and interstate highways. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, there are experienced Carrollton motorcycle accident lawyers who can help you. Do not wait – protect your legal rights and contact a local Carrollton motorcycle accident attorney today.

Dallas County Courts

If your claim is worth between $10,000 and $100,000 you may file here or in one of the County District Courts that have concurrent jurisdiction with the County Courts at law:

Dallas County - County Court at Law No. 1
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., Old Bldg. - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-7556

Dallas County - County Court at Law No. 3
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., Old Bldg. - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-7595
Dallas County - County Court at Law No. 2
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., Old Bldg. - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-7366

Dallas County - County Court at Law No. 4
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., Old Bldg. - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-7466

If your claim is worth over $100,000 you will file here:

Dallas County 14th Civil District Court
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., New Tower - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-6000

Dallas County 101st Civil District Court
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., New Tower - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-6937
Dallas County 44th Civil District Court
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., New Tower - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-6996

Dallas County 116th Civil District Court
George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Bldg., New Tower - 5th Fl., 600 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75202
(214) 653-6015

Truck & 18 Wheeler Accidents   

Carrollton big rig crash lawyers will review your case.

Carrollton Truck Injury Attorneys, Carrollton 18 Wheeler Injury Attorneys, & Carrollton Semi Truck Injury Attorneys

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous collisions on the road today. Commercial truck accidents often occur due to the fault of the truck driver, the trucking company, or both. More often than not, these cases are complex: requiring the help of seasoned Carrollton truck accident lawyer.

Why is hiring an experienced Carrollton truck accident lawyer important?

An experienced and trained Carrollton big rig accident lawyer is an essential part of obtaining the best chances of recovering the money you are entitled to as a result of a truck accident. Your Carrollton truck accident lawyer will most likely need to be very familiar with highly specific trucking laws (e.g., the FMCSA) and the trucking industry to enhance your chances of obtaining financial recovery. Information that is unique to the trucking industry includes things like understanding when a driver has driven past his legally permissible time allowed – a common occurrence with companies demanding more and more from their driver employees. This kind of information can be obtained from reviewing logbooks and downloading electronic data from the truck itself. In some cases, drivers have even doctored information after an accident has occurred. It takes an experienced Carrollton 18 wheeler injury lawyer to understand when these kinds of circumstances are present.


Hospital Malpractice & Nursing Home Malpractice

Carrollton Medical Malpractice Law Firm: Carrollton Medical Malpractice Attorney

Victims of medical negligence need a local Carrollton medical malpractice attorney.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or mistreatment of a medical facility, doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider, you have rights. Medical facilities are some of the most trusted institutions – we rely on them to heal us when we are sick, and to care for us when we are vulnerable. That is why it can feel like the ultimate betrayal when these institutions become the cause of harm and mistreatment – rather than a place of healing.

Medical malpractice is more common than you might think. If you have been the victim of medical malpractice, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Carrollton medical malpractice law firm. Texas laws protect the public from medical negligence and reckless behavior in care treatment facilities. Under the law, you may be entitled to corrective medical care, among other damages for your suffering. Learn more about Texas medical malpractice laws here.

Carrollton Nursing Home Malpractice Attorneys: Carrollton Elder Care Malpractice Lawyers

If a relative of yours has been seriously injured due to the negligence of a nursing home care facility, there are Carrollton, Texas nursing home lawyers who can help you. Senior citizens and the disabled are too often injured by reckless acts within care facilities. Elderly abuse must be stopped, no matter the cost. Nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect occur too often. There are too many incidents of nursing home negligence. The following are just a few examples:

1. Over-medication or under-medication
2. Failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent falls
3. Sexual assault or rape of the resident
4. Failure to provide proper nutrition and proper hydration
5. Theft of the nursing home resident's money or other personal property
6. Failure to take residents out of their bed to the toilet thereby leaving them in soiled garments or beds
7. Use of chemical or physical restraints
8. Retaliation for making a complaint or filing a grievance

Carrollton Hospitals

Dallas Medical Center
7 Medical Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75234
(972) 247-1000

Select Specialty Hospital - Dallas
2329 W. Parker Road
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(469) 892-1400
Baylor Medical Center at Carrolton
4343 North Josey Lane
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 492-1010

Carrollton Springs
2225 Parker Road
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 242-4114

Carrollton Nursing Homes

Brookhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
1855 Cheyenne Drive
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 394-7141

Heritage Gardens Rehabilitation & Healthcare
2135 Denton Drive
Carrollton, Texas 75006
(972) 242-0666
Carrollton Health & Rehabilitation Center
1618 Kirby Road
Carrollton, Texas 75006
(972) 245-1573

Treemont Nursing & Rehab Center
500, 5550 Harvest Hill Road
Dallas, Texas 75230
(972) 661-1862

At Sea Injuries

Carrollton Admiralty Law Firms: Carrollton Maritime Law Firms

Carrollton personal injury attorneys represent victims of negligence

Injuries occurring at sea or on the navigable inland waterways of the United States require an attorney who is trained in maritime law: Carrollton maritime lawyers. Maritime cases are distinct – they arise under a set of law that is often apart and often counter to state laws. Obtaining an attorney who understands the history and customs behind maritime law is often a necessity to obtaining recovery in your maritime case.

Injuries on Cruise Ships: Carrollton Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys

Recently, we have seen a resurgence of cruise ship accidents and injuries occurring on cruise liners. These injuries are often the result of careless operating, failure to train employees, and sometimes, they occur due to the recklessness or intentional conduct of a cruise liner staff. If you have been injured on a cruise ship, contact an experienced Carrollton cruise ship injury lawyer immediately. Due to unique maritime laws, you may have limited time to file your claim. Contact a local Carrollton cruise ship injury attorney today by filling out the form on this site.

Recreational Boat Accidents: Carrollton Jet Ski & Pleasure Boat Accident Lawyer

Pleasure boat accidents occur more frequently than you may think. Those summer months can be a lot of fun, but sometimes those familiar boating events can turn tragic my a single act of negligence. Whether you were injured on a pleasure boat, injured by a pleasure boat, or were injured on a jet ski, there are experienced Carrollton pleasure boat accident lawyers who can help you now. 

Dangerous Products that Cause Injury or Death

Carrollton Dangerous Products Lawyer: Carrollton Dangerous Product Recall Attorney

Have you or someone in your family been injured or killed by a dangerous product in or around Carrollton, Texas? If so, there are experienced Carrollton product liability lawyers that can help you and your family receive financial compensation for your injuries. Every year, thousands of innocent people are injured or killed because of unsafe products. In 2010, 10 of the 50 largest verdicts resulted from product liability lawsuits. As this trend increases, the chances that large corporations will stop viewing product liability lawsuits/settlements as just another “cost of doing business” will decrease. The only thing that keeps these dangerous products off the market and away from American households/neighborhoods are those individuals who bring lawsuits against the negligent corporations and companies who make, install, or sell them.Texas laws are tough on unsafe products.

Carrollton Dangerous Drug Recall Law Firms & Attorneys

If you have been seriously injured due to a recalled drug, you will want to speak with a local Carrollton drug recall lawyer. Dangerous pharmaceuticals make it into the marketplace too frequently. Although the FDA tries to protect us from the dangers of unsafe products, their efforts are not enough. In these situations, it is the courts that protect us.

What Drugs Have been Recalled by the FDA?

If you feel that you have purchased a drug that may have some advisory notice issued by the FDA, enter the drug name in the below FDA Recalled Drug Search box below. If the drug shows up, contact a Carrollton Dangerous Drug Lawyer immediately.


Serious side effects related to the use of dangerous prescription drugs include

Multiple Sclerosis



Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Sleepwalking, sleepdriving, and amnesia


Psychological imbalances
Kidney failure

Cardiovascular problems


Birth defects


Heart attack

Bone fractures

If you or a loved one has experienced a serious side effect as a result of an unreasonably dangerous drug, you are entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Contact a local Carrollton drug products liability attorney today.

The following is a list of dangerous drugs:
Avandia Digitek Drug Recal Cialis Celebrex Fen Phen Fosamax Bextra
Hydroxycut Hormone Replacement
Therapy (HRT) Products
Ketek Levitra Lotronex Meridia Viagra
Ortho Evra Metoclopramide (Reglan)
Drug Inquiry
Paxil Strattera Trasylol Vioxx Yaz
Yasmin Metoclopramide (Reglan)
Side Effects, Tardive Dyskinesia
Rezulin Zelnorm Serzone Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor (SSRI)


Carrollton Medical Implant Lawsuits & Carrollton Medical Implant Recall Lawsuits
Implant Recall Attorneys in Carrollton, Texas

The FDA maintains a Twitter account and literally Tweets all recalled medical devices at this account: FDA Twitter Recall account Tweets all FDA recalls. Carrollton recalled medical device lawyers are aware of the special Texas Rule of Evidence 407(b) pertaining to recall evidence being used at trial. If you are a victim of a dangerous medical device, contact an experienced Carrollton medical implant injury attorney today for a consultation regarding your legal rights.

Here are some items that have been litigated:

Defective Medical Devices & Implants1
Guidant ObTape Sling Curlin Painsmart
Heparin Syringes
Charité DePuy & Johnson & Johnson ASR Hip Implants*
Medtronic Duragesic Patch Pacemakers Shoulder Pain
Management Pump
Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Zimmer Hip Replacements
Calaxo Screw Inbone Total Ankle Implantable
Cardioverter Defibrillators
Shelhigh Medical
Device Seizure
Stryker CMF Custom Cranial Implant Kits  
  1This list is by no means complete. If you or a family member has suffered a serious reaction or death due to a dangerous medical device, contact an Abilene medical implant recall attorney today.  



Why is there a recall on the hip implant?

DePuy has collected and released data that suggests that 1 out of every 8 patients who received the ASR resurfacing device or the ASR total hip replacement were required to receive a revision surgery five years after they were implanted. A number of the revision surgeries were because of metal pieces wearing off of the ball and socket components over time as they rubbed against each other. Patients reacted in different ways – some did not cause problems, but for most patients, the microscopic particles collected fluid in the joint and the muscles around the joint causing damage to the muscles, bones and nerves surrounding the hip. Orthopedic specialists can do tests to find out if this is the source of a patient’s pain.

What are faulty hip implant symptoms?

Normal hip replacement surgery discomforts like swelling and difficulty walking are a few symptoms experienced by patients who had revision surgery, for example:

  1. Loosening: when the implant will not remain attached to the bone in the correct location;
  2. Fracture: where the bone surrounding the implant may have broke;
  3. Dislocation: when the two parts of the implant that rub against one another are no longer aligned

How Can You Determine if Your DePuy Hip Implant is the Subject of a Recall?

Contact a Carrollton Depuy Hip Implant attorney today. They will contact:

  1. Your orthopedic surgeon that did the surgery to find out if you got an ASR hip implant; and
  2. Obtain your surgical records where the surgery was performed.

Carrollton DePuy Claims Lawyer - Carrollton Depuy Lawsuit Lawyer

Should I Contact DePuy?

Getting in touch with the DePuy Orthopaedics unit of Johnson & Johnson can be done by calling toll-free from United States and Canada the DePuy ASR Help Line at 888-627-2677 Monday – Saturday between the hours of 8am - 9pm EST. However, it is advisable to first  retain a Depuy Implant Attorney in Carrollton and let them contact DePuy.

Death: Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Carrollton Fatal Accident Lawyer: Carrollton Wrongful Death Lawyer

Texas laws on wrongful death provide remedies to the family members who have lost a loved one due to the actions of another person or company. When an experienced Carrollton wrongful death attorney brings a wrongful death suit, the attorney is helping the aggrieved family member[s] by holding the persons or companies who are responsible for your loss accountable for what they have done. In Texas, surviving relatives of the deceased may seek reparation for reimbursement of love, support, advice and companionship that has been lost as a result of the death, as well as medical and funeral expenses, and other costs related to the fatality. In some cases, the court may award exemplary damages beyond compensatory damages.If you would like to speak with a local Carrollton wrongful death law firm, fill out the form on this website.


Carrollton Workplace Injuries – Accidents on the Job

Carrollton Workers Compensation Claims: Carrollton Workman’s Comp Lawyers

If you were injured on the job, you may qualify for worker’s compensation. Under the laws of the state of Texas workers compensation laws provide a remedy to workers who are injured on the job. The nice thing about workers compensations is that in most cases, you will be entitled to money regardless of whether your employer was at fault. By working with a Carrollton Texas Workers Comp. Lawyer you can move your case forward – seeking needed medical attention, determining the benefits you need, and getting your case forward in front of the workers compensation panel.

FELA: Carrollton Railroad Employee Injuries

Carrollton workers comp lawyers represent laborers in Carrollton who are injured on the job.

If you are a railroad employee who has been hurt on the job, then you may have a viable case under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (the FELA) against your employer. Carrollton railroad employee accident lawyers protect injured workers who become seriously injured due to employer negligence: injuries resulting from improper training, improper equipment or unsafe equipment, injuries resulting from violations of safety regulations, and injuries resulting from unsafe working conditions, just to name a few. Also, unionized workers often ask whether they need to hire a DLC (Designated legal counsel) – the answer is no, you can hire your own Carrollton FELA lawyer to help you with your case.

Maritime Workplace Accidents: Carrollton Offshore Injury Lawyers

If you qualify as a maritime worker, your claim is most likely covered by one or more of the three sources of law: the Jones Act, the LHWCA, and the General Maritime Law. The laws applicable to your case will depend on (1) the nature of your work, and (2) the place and circumstances in which you were injured.

Maritime workplace accidents occur in a number of different environments, and these attorneys are often known by many different names/titles. For example, Tugboat Injury Lawyers & Barge Accident Lawyers tend to protect the interests of those maritime workers who provide support services to vessels on navigable waters. Dredge Accident Lawyers and River Injury Lawyers tend to protect those workers who perform shore-side operations in brown-water claims. Carrollton Offshore Injury Lawyers: For those maritime workers who are injured in the oil drilling industry, they are often represented by attorneys known as offshore injury lawyers or Carrollton oil rig accident lawyers. In each case, although these attorneys have many titles, they are ultimately referred to as Carrollton maritime lawyers.

Personal Injuries Caused by the Government

Lawsuits Against the Government: talk with a local Carrollton government negligence lawyer now

Private persons and entities are not the only persons who can face liability. Too often, our Texas state and local Collin County government, and our national federal government are liable for injuries too. If the government has caused injury to you or a loved one, you may have a right to recovery. There are personal injury lawyers in Carrollton Texas who sue the government for harm caused to private citizens. To speak with a local Carrollton government liability lawyer today, fill out the form on this site.

Can I sue the government if they cause me harm?

Private individuals sue the government frequently. In most cases, governments can be sued just like any private company. The reason: they can harm others in the same way that a private company can. You may have been injured by: a government employee’s conduct, unreasonably dangerous government property, or by reckless government activity. Carrollton government liability lawyers can seek recourse against the city of Carrollton, Dallas County, the State of Texas, and the Federal Government. Depending on which entity (federal government or Texas state government) caused your injuries, your Carrollton government negligence attorney may have to file your case under the Federal Tort Claims Act (the FTCA), or the Texas government liability statute.

Trip and Fall, Slip and Fall, & Premises Liability Injuries

Carrollton Trip and Fall Attorneys, Carrollton Slip and Fall Attorneys, & Carrollton Premises Liability Attorneys

Contact a local Carrollton Premises Liability attorney today

In Texas, landowners have a duty to take reasonable care of their property to protect visitors. This duty can include the requirement that the landowner make reasonable inspections of their property, and remedy unreasonably dangerous conditions. Too often, unsuspecting visitors and patrons are injured on another person’s or another company’s property. In the case of retail stores, one of the most common causes of injury is spills that have not been cleaned up promptly. If you have been injured due to another’s negligent care of their property, it is important to discuss your case with a Carrollton premises liability lawyer.

Proving Your Slip and Fall Case May Require a Seasoned Carrollton Personal Injury Lawyer with Experience in Premises Liability Cases

One of the most difficult things about a premises liability or slip and fall claim is proving that your injuries were caused by the dangerous condition. Often, there are certain types of injuries that occur from slip and fall accidents. Experienced Carrollton premises liability lawyers know how to identify these injuries and prove them in court by engaging experts in the courtroom. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dangerous condition on another person’s property, don’t wait: contact a local Carrollton slip and fall attorney today.

Carrollton Dog Bite Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a vicious dog bit in or around the Carrollton area, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Dog bites and dog maulings in Carrollton are more common than you might think. Too often, owners of dangerous animals let them roam off their leashes in public places - sometimes, dogs can just snap and attack without warning. To speak with a local Carrollton dog bite attorney, fill out the form on this site. You may have a cause of action under Texas’ dog bite laws.


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