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Injured? Levittown Personal Injury Attorneys Are HereMeet with an experienced Levittown, Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to discuss whether you have a case today.

Have you been suffering from an injury caused by the negligence of another party? Levittown personal injury lawyers can help. Personal injury attorneys make a living by going after those parties who are actually responsible for causing injuries to others. Why should you be left with shouldering someone else’s negligence? Levittown personal injury law firms are standing by to help you.

You can find a great Bucks County personal injury lawyer

The impact caused by a dangerous accident takes a toll not only on the initial victim, but also on the victim’s family. Levittown accident attorneys stand up for individuals just like you. They make sure that those who are responsible for causing the accident pay for it. It is an injustice to make an accident victim pay for the negligence of another person. Levittown accident lawyers make sure that this injustice does not happen. In the event that you have already been short changed by an insurance company, your Levittown lawyer may be able to protect you under the Pennsylvania insurance bad faith laws.

Bucks County Personal Injury Lawyers Practice Many Different Types of Law

Levittown personal injury lawyers take on a number of different types of cases – not all of those cases are referred to as personal injury cases. If you are looking for any specific type of injury case or injury lawyer, please follow the appropriate link below:

  1. Levittown Premises Liability Lawyers
  2. Levittown Truck Accident Lawyers
  3. Levittown Product Liability Lawyers
  4. Levittown Government Liability Lawyers
  5. Levittown Dog Bite Lawyers
  6. Levittown Car Accident Lawyers
  7. Levittown Wrongful Death Lawyers
  8. Levittown Workplace Injury Lawyer
  9. Levittown Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  10. Levittown Maritime Lawyers

Looking out for yourself: making the right decisions

  1. Get medical attention immediately after an accident. To some, this may seem like an obvious thing to do – but too many injury victims wait too long to seek medical care. For example, many workplace injuries are not reported until months, or even years after they occur. In these cases, the victim’s injuries may not only get worse, but the victim may make their case that much more difficult to prove in court.
  2. Contact your local Levittown personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Even if you are not feeling up to talking about filing lawsuits immediately after a major accident (which, is absolutely understandable), waiting to meet with an attorney only hurts your chances of receiving full financial recovery. Contacting an attorney gets the ball “rolling”, allowing your attorney to garner valuable evidence and testimony at a critical time.
  3. You will also want to document any information or correspondence you receive as a result of your accident. As an example: medical bills, witness’ phone numbers, letters from your insurance company, accident reports, etc.

If you were hurt in a car crash in Bucks County and need to get an accident report, here is a list of helpful numbers:

  1. Bucks County Sheriff Department, 55 E. Court Street, 1st Floor, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 - (215) 348-6124


What do Levittown Injury Lawyers Prove in Court?

Proving that the other party was negligent is generally almost always what your attorney will have to do in court to win your case. In some cases, your Levittown injury lawyer may be able to prove that the other party was legally at fault even if they were not negligent. These details will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your case. Proving negligence however, is not the same for every state. Some states have different standards of negligence/fault. What is the fault standard applied in Pennsylvania? In Pennsylvania, the courts employ a standard called modified comparative fault. This means that the plaintiff’s monetary recovery is reduced by the percentage that he is at fault for causing his own injuries. In the event that the plaintiff is more that 50% at fault for causing his own injuries, then he cannot recover any money. Essentially, the law deems him to be at fault for causing his own injuries.

A List of Types of Personal Injuries that are Common

Personal injury attorneys are generally well acquainted with many different types of injuries. Some of the most common injuries that experienced Levittown personal injury attorneys see include: Neck Injuries, Spinal Injuries, Broken Bones, Head Trauma, Open Head Injuries, Closed Head Injuries, Nerve Damage, Hip Injuries, Whiplash, Depression, Burn Injuries, Skull Fractures, Paralysis, and Wrongful Death, just to name a few examples.

Examples of Types of Accidents

Levittown personal Injury Lawyers cover injuries ranging from:

  1. Levittown product liability lawsuitsLevittown trial accident lawyers protect victims who suffer from serious injuries.
  2. Levittown truck accident injuries - involving Pennsylvania trucking regulations and federal truck safety standards
  3. Levittown medical malpractice lawsuits
  4. Levittown premises liability cases
  5. Levittown slip and fall cases
  6. Government liability cases
  7. Explosions in Levittown
  8. Levittown wrongful death cases
  9. Levittown on the job injury accidents
  10. Levittown maritime accidents
  11. Levittown dangerous drug recall lawsuits
  12. Negligence cases in Levittown
  13. Levittown dog bites & Levittown dog mauling injuries
  14. Levittown car accidents


Liability: Types of Damages that May be Available

In the event you win your tort lawsuit, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Below is a list of typical types of damages that are awarded across the country.

Compensatory Damages

Back Pay

Emotional Distress

Consequential Damages
Mental Anguish

Loss of Earnings

Injury to Credit

Pain & Suffering
Exemplary Damages

Property Damage

Lost Profits

Punitive Damages


PI lawyers are quite affordable than you think. Contact one of the lawyers listed here for a free consultation.How much does it cost to hire an experienced Levittown Injury Lawyer?

The common practice for experienced Levittown Injury attorneys is to charge what is called a “contingency fee”. In a contingency fee agreement, your attorney only gets paid if you get paid (in other words, they have to successfully settle or win your case at trial to get paid). Usually, attorneys “win” a percentage of your award (generally around 30% – 40%). This type of fee agreement tends to be a “win - win” type of arrangement for injury victims and local Levittown Injury lawyers. Initial consultations with local Levittown personal injury attorney through this website are absolutely free – allowing you to learn whether you have a viable case without spending any money.

Expecting Legal Expenses & Costs as an additional expense

Attorney fees are the fees your attorney charges you for his or her service. Legal costs/expenses, on the other hand, are the costs your attorney pays during the representation to move your case forward. These costs generally include expenses like: expert witness fees, court filing costs, court reporter costs, jury fees, and third party investigative costs. Not all states treat expenses the same: some require plaintiff’s to repay the fees regardless of the outcome of the case, some allow them to be forgiven if already paid for by the attorney. In addition, some attorneys take expenses off the top of any recovery, while others contractually require the plaintiff to pay for the expenses from their own recovery portion. Questions like these should be answered before representation ever begins.

Levittown Auto Injury Lawyers

Levittown Vehicle Crash AttorneyLevittown vehicle accident attorneys can represent you in a court of law.

Levittown car accident law firms are standing by to help you seek recovery for your injuries if you have been in injured in a car crash due to the fault of another person. Your car accident case is likely to entail more than one party who is unwilling to pay you for the full cost of your injuries. Levittown vehicle accident law firms make sure that you are not denied your fair recovery. Do not let the negligent party make you pay for your own injuries.

The successful representation of a car accident victim in a court of law requires preparation and an eye for investigation and detail. Your Levittown auto injury attorney may likely have to perform an independent investigation of the accident, and eventually he or she will likely have to prove your case with the use of experts – recreating the scene of the accident. Successful claimants are awarded monetary damages for their short-term medical care, as well as their long-term medical care (each case depends on its own facts). If your case is in Pennsylvania State court, your Levittown accident lawyer will work with the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence; and if in Federal court, that means your Levittown Car injury lawyer will work with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence. Common injuries are: back pain, loss of sight, broken hips, head trauma, coma, psychological injuries, loss of memory, loss of motor skills, etc.

Vehicle crashes are typically caused by one of the following: acts of driver negligence (reckless driving), dangerous road conditions, and defective automobiles and automobile parts (which can become a products liability case). Driver negligence accounts for the overwhelming percentage of car accidents. Of those accidents, drunk driving is still the most prevalent cause of serious car accidents. If you were involved in a car crash where drunk driving was at play, your Levittown auto wreck lawyer will most certainly need to account for any such violation by the other driver when bringing your case.

Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers in LevittownSpeed can thrill but can kill. Reckless driving can sometimes hurt innocent pedestrians. If you or your loved ones are involved in such accident, contact one of the lawyers listed here for a free consultation.

The state of Pennsylvania does not take drunk driving lightly. A violation of the Pennsylvania State DUI laws may be admissible in some cases during a tort trial. The evidence of the other driver’s intoxication can be an uphill battle for any defendant to overcome. If you need help with your auto accident case, it is important that you contact an experienced Bucks County car accident lawyer immediately to begin investigating your case. Waiting may result in a diminished likelihood of recovery.

Levittown Motorcycle Crash Lawyers: Levittown Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The potential damage inflicted when a vehicle hits a motorcycle can often be fatal. Fatal car accidents with motorcyclists are on the rise. Too often, drivers fail to recognize that motorcyclists are entitled to be on the roads in the same way that any other vehicle is on our local Levittown streets, Levittown state highways, and interstate highways. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, there are experienced Levittown motorcycle accident lawyers who can help you. Do not wait – protect your legal rights and contact a local Levittown motorcycle accident attorney today.

Courts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Major civil claims in Pennsylvania are heard by the Courts of Common Pleas.  The Court of Common Pleas in your county is here:

Bucks County Court of Common Pleas
Bucks County Courthouse, 55 East Court Street
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901
(215) 348-6191


Other civil matters, including small claims and landlord-tenant disputes, are heard by the Magisterial District Courts.  Magisterial Courts may handle civil claims up to $12,000.  Levittown's Magisterial Court is here:

Bucks County Magisterial District Court
2661 Trenton Road
Levittown, Pennsylvania 19056
(215) 946-5450
Bucks County Magisterial District Court
7325 New Falls Road
Levittown, Pennsylvania 19055
(215) 943-9414


Other Magisterial Courts in Bucks County include:

Bucks County Magisterial District Court
705 West Market Street
Perkasie, Pennsylvania 18944
(215) 257-5181

Bucks County Magisterial District Court
1277 Almshouse Road
Warrington, Pennsylvania 18976
(215) 343-7961

Bucks County Magisterial District Court
3237 Bristol Road, Suites 100-101
Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020
(215) 741-3501
Bucks County Magisterial District Court
31 East Cleveland Avenue
Morrisville, Pennsylvania 19067
(215) 736-1121

Bucks County Magisterial District Court
2404 Byberry Road
Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020
(215) 638-1040

Bucks County Magisterial District Court
276 Tabor Road
Ottsville, Pennsylvania 18942
(215) 847-5164

Truck Accidents: 18 Wheeler, Semi, & Big Rig

Levittown Truck Wreck Lawyers, Levittown 18 Wheeler Wreck Lawyers, & Levittown Semi Truck Wreck LawyersThere are truck accident plaintiff lawyers in Levittown who help accident victims.

Unfortunately, innocent drivers and passengers often bear the brunt of the negligence that occurs by truck drivers and trucking companies on Pennsylvania State and federal roadways. For these types of cases, don’t entrust your legal battle with just any lawyer, hire an experienced Levittown truck accident attorney.

Reasons to contact a qualified Bucks County 18 wheeler accident attorney

Obtaining a monetary award through negotiation or in the courtroom will depend on a variety of factors. One of those critical factors is your attorney’s familiarity with and skill at handling truck accident cases. Often, this means that you will need an experienced Levittown big rig truck accident lawyer. Your Levittown truck accident attorney’s ability to properly investigate the cause of the accident is critical to your success at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. To do this, your Levittown truck wreck lawyer will more than likely need to have an intimate knowledge of the industry’s regulations and customs (E.g. the FMCSA). For example, specific information can include data recorded on the driver’s logbook. Proper evaluation of the logbook and the accompanying electronic data (“black box”) stored on the truck’s computer can lead to evidence showing driver fatigue, or a violation of federal interstate trucking rules. Qualified Levittown truck accident lawyers know how to evaluate this evidence in your favor.

Pennsylvania has also passed state-specific regulations that govern large trucks and truck accidents. You can access those regulations here in “Pennsylvania Commercial Transportation Laws”.

Doctor Negligence & Nursing Home Negligence

Levittown Medical Malpractice Law Firm: Bucks County Medical Malpractice AttorneyLevittown medical malpractice lawyers help victims of hospital negligence.

Injuries resulting from medical negligence at any medical facility – whether done by nurse, doctor, or any other healthcare professional, are truly tragic. We put our trust in our healthcare professionals. When that trust is betrayed, it destroys our faith in one of the few institutions we expect to uphold the highest professional standards.

If you have been the victim of negligent or reckless conduct in a healthcare facility, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Talk with a local Levittown medical malpractice attorney today by filling out the form on the left. You do not have to feel helpless. Experienced Levittown medical malpractice law firms know how to defend you in court by investigating the circumstances giving rise to the act(s) of malpractice – and thereafter holding the medical company responsible for their conduct.

Nursing Home Malpractice Lawyers in Levittown, Pennsylvania

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured in a local Levittown Nursing home? If your injuries are the result of nursing home malpractice/negligence, you will want to contact a local Levittown Nursing home malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. There are local attorneys who can help you address the Levittown Nursing home facility and their negligent conduct. Ending the abuse of the elderly is critical. There are specific nursing home abuse laws in Pennsylvania designed to protect victims.

Nursing home abuse and/or nursing home neglect can take many forms. Common examples of nursing home abuse that can occur in Levittown are:

  1. Failure to assist in personal hygiene when needed
  2. Failure to turn residents in their beds (leading to pressure decubitus sores)
  3. Failure to take residents out of their bed to the toilet thereby leaving them in soiled garments or beds
  4. Sexual assault or rape of the resident
  5. Retaliation for making a complaint or filing a grievance
  6. Failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent falls
  7. Hitting, slapping or other physical abuse of the nursing home resident


Hospitals in and near Levittown, PA

Lower Bucks Hospital, Inc.
501 Bath Road
Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007
(215) 785-9200
St. Mary Medical Center
1201 Langhorne-Newtown Road
Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047
(215) 710-2000
Bucks County Specialty Hospital, LLC
3300 Tillman Drive
Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020
(215) 244-7400


Nursing Homes in and near Levittown, PA

Statesman Health & Rehabilitation
2629 Trenton Road
Levittown, Pennsylvania 19056
(215) 943-7777
Wood River Village
3200 Bensalem Boulevard
Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020
(215) 741-3030
Langhorne Gardens Rehab
350 Manor Avenue
Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047
(215) 757-7667
Arden Courts of Yardley
493 Stony Hill Road
Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067
(215) 321-6166

Maritime Accidents (Boats)

Levittown Maritime Attorney: Levittown Admiralty AttorneyLevittown cruise ship and boat accident attorneys will fight on your behalf if you have been injured while aboard a cruise ship on any major area cruise line, or if you have been injured due to Pennsylvania boating negligence or recklessness.

Injuries that occur on navigable waters require the help of a trained maritime attorney: a local Bucks County maritime lawyer. Maritime cases are distinct – they arise under a set of law that is often apart and often counter to state laws. Obtaining an attorney who understands the history and customs behind maritime law is often a necessity to obtaining recovery in your maritime case.

Levittown Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers - Injuries on Vacation: Cruise Ship Accidents

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a serious injury aboard a cruise liner, it is important to contact a Levittown Cruise ship injury lawyer ASAP. Depending on the nature of your cruise, you may have limited time in which to file your maritime claim –and the sooner your attorney collects evidence the better for your case. Unfortunately, cruise ship companies often fail to adequately train their staff, or they fail to remedy an unreasonably dangerous condition aboard a vessel – resulting in injury.

Levittown Recreational Boat Accident Attorneys

Pleasure boat accidents occur most often during the summer months when families and friends want to relax and enjoy life. Unfortunately, a pleasure boat accident can turn a fun family getaway into a catastrophe. There are complexities that arise, such as: does insurance cover that kind of accident? What law applies? Who is liable? If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a pleasure boat accident (jet skis, ski boats, sail boats, charters, even surf boards & wind surfing), then you will want to contact a local Levittown Maritime accident attorney as soon as possible.

Dangerous Product Injuries & Defective Products

Levittown Defective Product Attorneys: Levittown Defective Product LawyersThere are local Levittown dangerous product attorneys who can sue the manufacturer.

Defective products can be found at the workplace, on the road, in public buildings, and yes, most often, in your own home. Injuries stemming from unsafe products are on the rise as companies pursue profits – often accounting for lawsuits resulting from defective manufacture and design as “just another cost of doing business.” Levittown product liability lawyers protect innocent victims who have been harmed by dangerous products.

Product liability lawsuits are continually on the rise. The continual spike in the number of cases, and the increase in the size of the damage awards are likely due to the attitude of many of our largest corporations. Rather than putting safety first, some companies merely calculate the cost of lawsuits into the price of “doing business”. If you have been hurt, it is important to protect your rights – and hopefully the safety of others by sending a message that there is a true cost of placing dangerous products out onto the market. By filing a lawsuit against the company who created or sold the dangerous product, you may be saving the lives of future users of that product. Holding the company or companies responsible for producing the defective product is an important part of keeping these products out of our households.

Levittown Drug Recall Attorneys: Bucks County Defective Drug Attorneys

Levittown drug recall lawyers help victims of dangerous drugs that have been slipped into the marketplace – causing severe injury or even death. Large pharmaceutical companies owe the public the duty of placing safe drugs into the market. When they breach this responsibility, they are absolutely liable to those who have suffered as a result.

Wrongful Death & Survival Suits

Levittown Wrongful Death Lawyer: Bucks County Wrongful Death Attorney

Under the Pennsylvania statutes, those family members who have lost a loved one due to the negligence or fault of another company or person may seek compensation for their losses. Wrongful death suits are as much, if not more, about holding the irresponsible party accountable for what they have done. Levittown tragic accident attorney file these wrongful death suits to help the aggrieved family members move forward. In Pennsylvania, family members of the deceased may recover damages for loss of support, lost income, and medical expenses, just to name a few. The Pennsylvania wrongful death statute permits the spouse, children, or parents of the deceased to file the lawsuit on their behalf – in some cases, a personal representative of the deceased may be appointed. Actions brought under the Pennsylvania wrongful death statute must generally be filed with in two years of the victim’s passing. Contact a qualified Levittown wrongful death law firm today by submitting your information on this website.

Injuries While Working: Levittown Workers’ Accidents

Workers Comp: Levittown Workman’s Comp AttorneysThere are Levittown attorneys who represent workers who are hurt on the job.

If you have suffered from an injury on the job, you may have a viable workers compensation claim against your employer under Pennsylvania state law. The Pennsylvania state workers compensation laws protect workers who are injured on the job – regardless of whether their employer was negligent. Pennsylvania Workers compensation laws were designed to protect workers who are injured while working – regardless of who was at fault. The compensation scheme helps workers pay their medical bills and their other monthly bills until they are healthy enough to return to work. If you need to make a workers compensation claim, don’t wait, contact a local Bucks County workers compensation lawyer today.

Levittown FELA Lawyers: Railway Employee Injuries

Railroad work is dangerous. Between the equipment (switches, brakes, repair equipment), the uneven terrain (ballast), and the overall dangerous nature of the work, railroad employees face a tough job with uncertainty around every corner. Unfortunately, railroad workers are often injured either through a sudden act of negligence or by long-term exposure to dangerous conditions or improper training. Thankfully, the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) provides a remedy to Levittown railroad workers who are injured on the job due to employer negligence. If you have been injured on the job, contact a Levittown FELA attorney today by filling out the questionnaire on this website. If you are in a union, you may be told that you need to hire a DLC – However, you do not need to hire a designated legal counsel, you can hire your own Levittown FELA lawyers.

Maritime Accidents: Maritime Employees: Levittown Offshore Injury Lawyers

Maritime workers are protected by more than one source of law. Depending on (1) the nature of your work relationship, and (2) the place and circumstances giving rise to your injury, your case may be governed by one or more of the following: the Jones Act, the LHWCA, and the General Maritime Law.

Maritime & Admiralty workplace injuries arise in a diversity of maritime environments. The attorneys who represent these workers are often referred to by a plethora of different titles. For example, maritime workers who provide support services to other vessels in navigation might be represented by: “Levittown barge accident lawyers” or “Levittown tugboat injury lawyers”. Levittown river injury lawyers and dredge injury lawyers work closely with those seaman and shore-based maritime workers in brown water accident cases. Of course, a whole unique subset of maritime law practice concerns the oil industry, and these experienced lawyers are often referred to as: Levittown Offshore injury lawyers or Levittown Oil rig injury lawyers. However, no matter what maritime environment you work in, an experienced Levittown Maritime lawyer should be appropriately situated to represent you in your maritime claim.

Damages caused by the Government

Injured by the City, Municipal, State or Federal Government? Levittown government negligence lawyers can help

Is the government responsible for causing you harm? Under the law, private people and private companies are not the only ones who can be held liable in a court of law for causing harm to another person. If you or a loved one has been injured by the city of Levittown, the Bucks County, the state of Pennsylvania, or any branch of the Federal Government, you have rights under the law. To learn more, it is important to contact a local Bucks County government liability lawyer. Lawyers who sue the government in Levittown, Pennsylvania represent people, companies, and various organizations whom have been injured by the government.

Can a government by held liable in court for harms committed against citizens?

Private citizens can sue the government just like they can sue any other person or company who causes harm to them. However, there are a number of specific restrictions – an experienced Levittown government liability lawyer can walk you through your case to determine whether you have a viable case. In most cases, the state, as well as the federal government can be sued in a court of law. Too often, government employees are responsible for injuries to others – another common source of negligence is government property: quite often, government property is not properly cared for, causing injury to innocent victims. Depending on which entity (federal government or Pennsylvania state government) caused your injuries, your Levittown government negligence attorney may have to file your case under the Federal Tort Claims Act (the FTCA), or the Pennsylvania government liability statutes.

Injuries on Another’s Land: Premises Liability, Slip and Fall, & Trip and Fall

Levittown Slip and Fall Lawyers: Bucks County Premises Liability Lawyers: Levittown Trip and Fall LawyersIf you have been hurt on someone else's property in a slip and fall accident or due to railing, or inadequate lighting, the personal injury lawyers will help you in pursuing compensation for your Levittown slip and fall injury.

Landowners in Pennsylvania have a duty to take reasonable care of their property. Unreasonably dangerous conditions often give rise to serious injuries, which in turn give rise to legal liability. In other words, if you were injured by an unreasonably dangerous condition on another person’s property, you may have recourse under Pennsylvania state law. In many cases, homeowners and their insurers face serious monetary damages awards when the landowners neglects to protects guests and patrons with the appropriate reasonable care. If you have been injured on another person’s or business’ property, it will be important for you to speak with a local Levittown premises liability lawyer as soon as possible.

Proving a trip and fall case, a slip and fall case, or general premises liability case is not an easy task – you may need the help of an experienced Levittown personal injury lawyer with experience trying premises liability cases

Proving that your injuries were caused (1) on the other person’s or other entity’s premises, and (2) that your injuries were caused by the dangerous condition are the challenges behind trying any premises liability case. Seasoned Levittown slip and fall lawyers know how to work with experts who can testify as to the likelihood that your injuries were actually caused by the dangerous condition. Working with an experienced Levittown personal injury attorney can really make a difference in your case.

Levittown, PA Dog Bite Lawyers

Even well trained dogs are capable of injuring someone – even individuals who are not strangers. In many cases, dog attacks are the result of owner negligence (leaving the fence open, failing to restrain their dogs, failure to properly train, etc.), in other cases, vicious dog attacks arise from nowhere – making victims prone to an unfair circumstance. Thankfully, Pennsylvania dog bite laws do protect innocent victims. If you have been a victim of a serious dog attack, you may need to speak with a local Bucks County dog bite lawyer to discuss your case.





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